Meet the Multiple Organics Team

Our Mission

We are passionately devoted to sourcing and delivering high-quality, safe organic ingredients in order to protect and promote the companies that we work with. From the corporate brands, product developers, professional chefs, and all the way through to the home cooks, families, and individuals who will consume the final product, everyone needs to have Multiple Organics!

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Who We Are

We are a company with over 15 years of experience in every step of the organic food cycle, from supporting and advising farmers to improving the progression from farm to market. The result is streamlined quality control and traceability of every product.

We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of the ingredients we offer, and in the relationships we have nurtured around the world with our supplier and farmer partners and their communities. All of this is important to the success we have achieved, but we realize that none of this would be possible without a keen focus on our customers.

  • We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable service and maintain appropriate inventories for our contracted and regular customers
  • We demand more for you and your customers by working with factories that implement the highest quality control standards
  • We do our own inspections with third-party food scientist auditors, and test every lot we sell at a third-party recognized US laboratory
  • All of our certified organic and kosher items are stored in temperature-controlled, CTPAT-certified warehouses on both the West Coast (Hercules, CA) and East Coast (South Plainfield, NJ). Our products come in bulk, by the pallet or multi-load contract
  • We work with farms and processors to improve safety, promote local social improvements, and develop community projects
  • We can advise you in the transition from conventional to certified organic food handling and production, enabling you to offer the market a high quality product that is acceptable by the USDA

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Quality and Safety

Multiple Organics is SQF Level II certified which is the highest food safety certification an importer can achieve.

In addition, to address the increasing number of food safety warnings coming from the media, the FDA and the food industry itself, Multiple Organics developed a dynamic, proprietary, and comprehensive food safety program called MOST™ (Multiple Organics Safety and Testing), which include 6 steps that exceed industry standards:

  • Extensive Supplier Pre-Qualification Screenings
  • Personal Supplier Visits
  • Rigorous Third-Party Food Safety Audits
  • Product Safety Testing At An Independent Lab
  • Ongoing Compliance/Continuous Improvement
  • Grower Education and Giving Back

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Giving Back

Multiple Organics has worked on various programs that have benefitted our supplier partners, their communities, and also our own local community. Programs in the past have included building schools, assisting in relief efforts after natural disasters, and nutritional education.

Looking forward, we are looking to assist with food and hunger programs, educating under-developed parts of the world in nutrition, renewable energy programs, and sustainable farming.

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