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Our Products

A cocoa farm in Peru.

We are wholesale suppliers of bulk organic ingredients specializing in the following categories: beans, cocoa products, edible seeds, dried fruits, lentils, nuts, peas, specialty grains, and sugar.

All of our certified organic and kosher items are stored in temperature-controlled, CTPAT-certified warehouses on both the West Coast (Hercules, CA) and East Coast (South Plainfield, NJ). We source products globally with an emphasis on food safety, product quality, relationships, and giving back to local communities. Whether you are a processor in Florida, a distributor in Washington, a baker in California, or a bar manufacturer in Toronto, we can provide high quality, food safe organic products to meet your expectations.


MOST™ (Multiple Organics Safety and Testing)

Multiple Organics Safety and Testing

With the ever-increasing number of food safety warnings coming from the media, the FDA and the food industry itself, Multiple Organics has developed an aggressive and comprehensive food safety program called "MOST" (Multiple Organics Safety and Testing).

  • Step 1 — Extensive Supplier Pre-Qualification Screenings
  • Step 2 — Personal Supplier Visits
  • Step 3 — Rigorous Third-Party Food Safety Audits
  • Step 4 — Product Safety Testing At An Independent Lab
  • Step 5 — Ongoing Compliance/Continuous Improvement
  • Step 6 — Grower Education and Giving Back

Giving Back

Cocoa Farming Family

Parts of our proceeds go towards helping families like the one in the image to the right. The young girl is the daughter of a cocoa farmer who we helped provide with solar powered light. This family had no access to electricity, but thanks to solar power, they feel less isolated and their daughter can now study after dark.

On our last visit when we asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she told us without hesitation that she wants to be an Environmental Engineer. We plan to raise money for a scholarship fund to help her achieve that goal!